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Travel destinations in india for food lovers: Explore India On Plate

lease Your Taste Buds Through Visiting These Popular Places In India Known For Their Unique and Mouth Watering Cuisines: Explore India On Plate.

Our India Is The country where On Every 10 Km distance The Taste Changes.

India Is A Country With All cultures, Religions, Weathers, And Foods.
From Kolkata's Mouth Watering Roshugulla To Mumbai's Spicy Pav Bhaji; From Chennai's Healthy Idli-sambar To Delhi's All-time favorite Chole Bhature to khaman dhoklas of Ahmedabad and smoked pork of Nagaland. Our Country will amaze anybody with Its Variety, Range, and myriad of cuisine.

Travel destinations in india for food lovers: Explore India On Plate
Travel destinations in India for food lovers: Explore India On Plate

Travel destinations in India for food lovers: Explore India On Plate

 Here are 40 Indian cities for food lovers where you will discover the best food.


Starting with the Capital City Of India; Dehli is a paradise for food lovers. 
Deli Is Famous For It's Street Foods. And It is the reason Why Delhi Is the food Capital Of India. 
You Name a food item and you will find it in even in the most distant corners of Delhi. The capital city will offer food for every kind of Taste buds. The thing is that you have to be In the Right place and you can Satisfy your taste In Delhi. 

Travel destinations in india for food lovers: Explore India On Plate

First, we eat, then we do everything else. – M.F.K. Fisher.

Must To Vist And Eat:

  • Chandni Chowk, a food lover utopia, Has over 50 varieties of Paranthas to the desserts like Ras Malai, Moong dal ka Halwa, Gajar ka Halwa, Rabri jalebi and so.
  •  Delhi offers the best Chhole Bhature And  Tandoori Chicken in the whole world!   

  • Bengali market’s Chaat, Golgappe; From cafes to street-side stalls Delhi has it all. 
  • Rajma Chawal is the core of every Delhiite.


Known as The City of Joy Is rich in culture and Variety of foods as well. Kolkata will never disappoint any kind of food lover. from sweet explodes like rosgullas and Sandesh with the taste of Hilsa to The Hot and chatpata Jhaalmuri and Puchkas And Fish Curies to Misti Doi.
The streets of Kolkata are mostly dominated by Chow mein and Yummy rolls.
There Are several Number of must-taste dishes like,

  • Tibetan fare at Tiretta Bazaar,
  • Kati rolls at Zeeshan
  •  Bengali cuisine at Bhojohori Manna
  •  Mughlai cuisine at Arsalan
  • Chelo kebabs at Peter Cat Restaurant
  •  Shiraz Golden Restaurant
  •  Alu Posto
  •  Sorshe Ilish (Mustard paste with Ilish fish),
  •  Bhetki Macher Paturi
  •  Kosha Mangsho and egg rolls
  •  The Chinese-specializing Tangra
  •  And the street food in Dalhousie

Travel destinations in india for food lovers: Explore India On Plate


Mumbai; The city Of dream and lifeline for crores of people. So To Fulfill the food craving of these people, every street of Mumbai will offer you something.
Start from an authentic Cutting Chai to Spiciest Vada pav then to Messiest Kathi Rolls.
Never Forget to missout with Trademark of the City; The Vada Pav With The Cutting Chai. 

Travel destinations in india for food lovers: Explore India On Plate

Mumbai has to offer countless kinds of street foods such as the best Panipuri, Dahi puri, Vada Pavs, bhelpuri, dabeli, batata Wada, and Kande pohe, the list of all the lip-smacking street food. 


Must-Visit and Eat's:
  • Anand, a famous stall in Gulmohar Road, Vile Parle West is the best place to try VADAPAVS and delicious snacks. 
  •  Chicken tikka rolls at Bademiya
  •  Keema Pav at Olympia Coffee House
  • Crab at Mahesh Lunch Home
  •  Take a stroll down the Juhu Beach for its plethora of food vendors
  • eat Japanese food at Wasabi. 

Travel destinations in india for food lovers: Explore India On Plate
Vada pav In Mumbai

Some budget favorites include;

  •  Chowpatty Beach and the Amar Juice Centre for street food
  •  Kalbadevi for meaty kebabs
  • Sardar for pav bhaji
  • Cafe Madras for South Indian cuisine
  •  Britannia And Co. Restaurant for Parsi meals.


The Land of Nawabs and Awadhi cuisine, The city of kebabs and Nawabs, prides itself on having several historic restaurants. A paradise for non-veggies, From kebabs to paans to biryanis. Lucknow is a magnificent city to travel for cheap, street food. Some of them Are;

Travel destinations in india for food lovers: Explore India On Plate
LUCKNOW FOOD: food of Nawabs and Awadhi's

Travel destinations in India for food lovers: Explore India On Plate

Must-Visit and Eat's:

  • legendary Tunday Kababi-famed for its tunday kebab
  •  Idrees Biryani-famed for its mutton biryani
  •  Dasterkhwan- known for its galouti kebab
  • Naushijaan- popular for its boti kebab 
  • Makhan Malai Chowk
  • Idris ki Biryani
  • Tunday, boti, galouti, seekh, kakori, and Shami
  • Rahim’s Kulcha Nahari
  • Ratti Lal’s Khasta
  • Prakash ki Kulfi
  • Galauti-Kabab and Nahari Kulcha
  • Chappan Bhog ki Mithaiyan
  • Chole Bhature at Chowk
  • Kabab-Paratha, Biryani, or Tandoori Chicken
  • Basket Chaat at Gomti Nagar
  • Sheermal at Chowk
  • Awadhi Biryani at Wahid's Biryani
  • Tunday Kababi
  • Sharma Tea Stall
  • Jain Chat Wala
  • Raja Thandai
  • You must further try lucknowi biryani and pay a ki nihari. 
  • for sweet-tooths- Kulfi, Ghazak, Rewri, and special Meetha Pan


Jaipur, known as the ‘Pink City’ is glory for its historic palaces, vibrant marketplaces, vivid culture, and its Authentic Rajasthani cuisine. 
If you want to try the ghee-dipping delights Like Ghewar, Khor And Makhan Wada, Then Your next destination would Likely to be Jaipur.

Travel destinations in india for food lovers: Explore India On Plate
Jaipur food: Authentic Rajasthani Cuisine

The vegetarian food options, like the classic dal bati churma, gatte ki sabzi, and kachori. However, a surely must-try is its traditional sweet, ghevar (a disc-shaped luscious cake).


Must-Visit and Eat :
  •  Dal bati churma, the Authentic dish of Rajasthani menu.
  •  hot and spicy pyaaz ki kachori, 
  •  Kathi rolls
  •  tandoori tikkas, creamy lassi
  •  yummy gatte
  •  laal maas or kadhi
  • Jalebis
  •  kulfis


The city of Nizams worldwide knows for The mouth salivating Hydrabadi Biriyani. 
The food here is mainly the Impact and reflection of Mughlai, Andra, and Turkish cookery.
Hydrabadi Biriyani Will give your tongue a blast of authentic spicy flavours. And Not only biriyani; In Hyderabad, idli, Dosa (any kind), seekh kebabs, chakra, and Haleem, Qubani-ka-Meetha and Pathar -ka-Gosh.

Travel destinations in india for food lovers: Explore India On Plate
Hyderabad food: Nawabs And famous Hydrabadi Biriyani

There is no sincerer love than the love of (especially street) food” – George Bernard Shaw

Must-Visit and Eat's :

  • Bawarchi for mutton biryani
  •  Shadab for chicken and mutton biryani
  • Sarvi for chicken drumstick biryani
  • keema samosas (minced meat dish)
  •  papaya (a stew made of trotters or beef)
  •  lukhmi (mutton minced savoury dish)
  • Maghaz Masala (spicy lamb’s brain fry)
  • Boti Kebab 
  • The famous Hyderabadi style Mirchi bajjis
  • sheer khurma (vermicelli pudding).
  • Malai Korma or Qabooli Biryani.
  • Cafe Bahar for biryani and haleem
  •  Dum Pukht



The rich and fascinating Bihari dishes are highly able of creeping the taste bud of food lovers.
Litti Choka, The outstanding food and the relish food for people of Bihar, eastward Utter Pradesh, and Jharkhand. The traditional dish of Bihar is made with sattu, ground gram nut or chana served with chokha made out of potato, brinjal and tomato, and a bowl of melted pure desi ghee.

Travel destinations in india for food lovers: Explore India On Plate
Bihar food: creeping the taste buds od food lovers

Must Eat's:

  • Litti Chokha
  •  Khaja
  • Parwal ki Mithai
  • Gur Anarsa
  • Naivedyam
  • Mutton Kebabs and Reshmi Kebabs
  •  Kesar Peda
  •  Chandrakala/ Pedakiya
  •  Chana Ghugni
  •  Laung-Latika
  •  Dal Peetha
  •  Khajuria/Thekua
  •  Malpua
  • Kadhi Badi
  •  Rasia
  •  Pantua/Kala Jamun
  • Laai
  •  Tiluk
  •  Puri Sabzi
  •  Sattu Sharbat
  •  Khurma And Laktho
  •  Balushahi


The seafood destination of India-Goan food is Influenced by Portugal's cultures with exotic seafood blend.
The dishes like pork vindaloo, pork feijoada, and prawn Bachao are the major ones.
The Seafood like the spread of prawns, tuna, mackerel, lobsters, crabs, mussels, fish curry, and rice, Goan sausage and pao and so are main Attractions.
The very familiar cashew-based drink, Goan feni, is for sweet tooths.
Goa Also Offers international cuisines like the Mediterranean, Mexican, Italian, New American, European, Israeli.

Travel destinations in india for food lovers: Explore India On Plate
Goa: exotic seafood Blend

Must Eat's:

  • Crab XecXec Curry
  •  Ambot Tik Sour
  • SpicyChicken Cafreal Hot
  • Sorpotel win the race. 
  • Bebinca


Amritsar Apart from The World famous golden Temple, Jalianwala Baga, and Wagah border, The city is famous for its Eye-catching and delicious foods.
Amritsari Chicken, Amritsari Kulcha, Amritsari fish, and paneer bhurji Are some of the best delicacies the golden city has to offer.

Travel destinations in india for food lovers: Explore India On Plate
Punjabi Food

the langar at Golden Temple is a holy food; consists of roti(bread), rice, daal(lentils), a vegetable dish, and a dessert. 
And without trying traditional lassi while in Amritsar is not justified. So try creamy lassi which the city best offers.

Must Eat's:

  • Aloo Kulcha
  • Masala Chai
  • Lassi
  • Gulab Jamun and Jalebi
  • hot jalebis from Gurdas Ram
  • Roasted Momo
  • the food at Kesar Da Dhaba 
  • Nutri kulcha
  • thick lassi with cream on top at Kesar
  • Aam Papad
  •  langar, at Bharawan da Dhabha.
  • Puri-Chana
  • Kali Daal
  • Butter Chicken


Gangtok is a beautiful blend of Sikkimese, Nepalis, and Tibetan cultures.
The most popular food in Gangtok is momos(cooked dumplings with a green or pork stuffing), Yes nowadays It is becoming popular is other cities like Delhi, Bangalore.
The other two famous recipes are Phagshapa (pork fat boiled with greens) and Thupka (noodle soup including greens)

Travel destinations in india for food lovers: Explore India On Plate
Gangtok food: Blend Of Sikkimese, Nepali, And Tibetian Cultures

Must-Visit And Eat's :

  • Golden Dragon Hotel, the Taste of Tibet
  •  the Roll House
  • Niguru with Churpi
  • Tongba, the Sikkimese kind of beverages
  • Gundruk
  • Chang (Thomba)
  • cafes around the town
  •  Sael Roti


Bangalore: the IT Hub of India will also the best known for its dishes from street foods to star hotels. 
The street food made at night on the walkways will surely make You wonder and lip-smacking.
You can find stalls like Pav Bhaji stall, the Sweet Corn stall, Manchurian stall almost at any corner of the city.

Travel destinations in india for food lovers: Explore India On Plate
Bangalore: All Kind of food is Available Here

The city has some best places to have South Indian Street Food like the Shri Sagar - CTR - Malleshwaram.
  The specialty of the city is Akki roti and Bisi Bele Bath. 

Tip: Bisi Bele bath at Vidhyrthi Bhavan Is Must Try.


Travel destinations in India for food lovers: Explore India On Plate

Must Eat's:

  • Mangalore Buns 
  • Uttapam
  • Bhel 
  • Dal Obbattu – The Kannad Delight
  • Idli, Vada, And Dosa
  • Chaat And Pani Puri 
  • Bhaji With Filter Kaapi 
  • Shawarma 
  • Samosa Chaat 
  • Momos 
  • Kebabs And Rolls
  • Gobi Manchurian 


Udupi Is Famous for its restaurants. Here they offer the traditional Udupi meal. the Town is best to know for its ubiquitous Masal dosa Idli-sambar, up, and rasam.
Udupi is the best place if you want to have all kinds of authentic south Indian foods that serve the best.

Travel destinations in india for food lovers: Explore India On Plate
Udupi: All kinds of south Indian Foods

Must-Visit and Eat:

  • Woodlands or Konark Vegetarian Restaurant.
  • wide variety of dosas
  • Bisi bele bath
  • Goli baje
  • Payasa
  • Kheer
  • Pelakai Halwa 


Kochi is a seaside city and fresh seafood is found in abundance, which performs it a seafood lover’s heaven.
Kochi's cookery is best described by its richness, purity, and abundance of tastes. From seafood dishes to traditional thali served on a banana leaf.

Travel destinations in india for food lovers: Explore India On Plate
Kerala: Plates of seafood

 for snacks; stew, puttu (rice and coconut dish), and idiyappam are to try.
Some of the courses that one should try in Kochi are Kaalan, Banana Chips, Thoran, Pootu, Paachadi, and Banana Chips, which is made from bananas and rice flour.

Must-Visit and Eat:

  •  Kashi Art Cafe
  • Fish Peera 
  • Malabar cuisine
  • The Drawing Room/Fusion Bay for seafood
  •  Saffron for Indian and Continental cuisine


The Real Taste of coconuts
Alleppey has a good number of must-haves. The town is known for its backwaters and its curries.
Restaurants in Alleppey represent the authentic tastes of the state.

Travel destinations in india for food lovers: Explore India On Plate
Allepey: Malabar Biririyani and Toddy

Malabar Biryani is the dish you must try. 
Tapioca (in local kappa) is common here, and it is added to the food in any of the forms like they used to steam it, fry it, or add to their curries.

The best you can have is to heap your plate with rice and top with the scoops of Karimeen Pollichathu; prepared by wrapping the fish in the banana stalks and cooked.
"Toddy" which is a regionally fermented liquor beverage made from a palm tree and coconut palms; the new thing you can try. Rice wine can also be tried in Alleppey.

Must-Visit and Eat's:

  • fresh juice at Cafe Paradiso Espresso
  • Harbour Restaurant or Cassia for best and fresh seafood
  • Royal Park Hotel
  • Vembanad Restaurant
  • Ghee Roast Dosa
  • Malayalee Parotha


French Capital of India, Pondicherry. 

Pondicherry’s food mix of flavors from South Indian, French, Continental, European and other Western cuisines.

Travel destinations in india for food lovers: Explore India On Plate
Pondicherry: French, Mexican, continental and European cuisines

For pure organic food, there’s no more real point than the Auroville Ashram.
Pondi is the Best possible mixture of French and South Indian Cuisine.

The best breakfast you can have is with Freshly baked baguettes and crisp croissants with a steaming cup of coffee.


Must-Visit and Eat's:

  •  Le Cafe and Mango Hil
  •  Le Club for French fare
  •  Kadugu Yerra curry 
  •  Cafe des Arts for Continental fare
  • Carte Blanche for Creole cuisine
  •  Surguru for traditional South Indian cuisine 
  •  Tandoori Potato
  •  Soya Dosa
  •  Podanlangkai
  • Assad
  • Curried Vegetables
  • Stuffed Cabbage
  • Palpayasam (Sweet Milk). 


 "Queen of Hills" This Town is the summer resort of the British Raj and every meal here is influenced by the colonial days. 
For Breakfast try waffles, pancakes, momos, thukpa, or have fish delicacies prepared to beat the cold while sipping special Darjeeling tea.

Travel destinations in india for food lovers: Explore India On Plate
Darjeeling: Queen Of Hills

Darjeeling food prices are nominal and can be afforded by almost everyone.
For tea lovers; Dargeling offers the best to them having acres of tea gardens.

Must-Visit and Eat:

  • Traditional Nepali Thali
  •  Aloo Dum
  • Kwati
  • Sel Roti
  • Sekuwa
  • Gundruk
  • Aaloo Tama
  • Kheer
  • Thukpa
  • Momos
  • Keventers
  • Glenarys
  •  Revolver
  •  Kunga Restaurant
  •  Sonam’s Kitchen
  •  Gatty’s Café
  •  Himalayan Java Café
  •  Frank Ross Café
  •  Shangri-La Restaurant
  • Ara by Bellevue
  • Tea bars – Golden Tips & Nathmull’s
  • Roadside momo corners

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