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USD to INR currency converter By travel shavel

Currency Converter
Hey!! convert Here the amount from INR To US Dollars

Exchange rates

Check here the latest/Updated exchange rates for your travel purposes

How to Convert INR to USD
1 Indian Rupee = 0.0133587149 United States Dollar
1 United States Dollar = 74.8575 Indian Rupee

USD to INR currency converter By travel shavel
comparison of INR with different currencies

For Example: convert 12 Indian rupees into US Dollar:
15 Indian Rupee = 12 × 0.0133587149 United States Dollar = 0.1603045788 United States Dollar

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Qn: Is the Dollar going up or down against the Rupee?

Ans: Today's exchange rate (74.8095) is higher compared to yesterday's rate (74.7691).

Qn: What is the Dollar worth against the Rupee?

Ans: One Dollar is worth 74.8095 Rupees today

Qn: What are 50 Dollars in Rupees?

Ans: 50 Dollars buys 3740.475 Rupees at interbank exchange rates.

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